Champagne Ball Python

The Champagne Ball Python is an unusual morph that completely changes both the animal’s pattern and colouration. First produced by Eb Noah in 2005, it has been reasonably popular ever since.

Morph type

Champagne is a single gene incomplete dominant morph. This type of gene usually produces a super form in its homozygous state, but this does not appear to be viable with the Champagne gene.


Champagne Ball Python

The Champagne mutation is highly unusual in that it drastically alters the animal’s appearance.

On the dorsum, the brown blotches you’d see on a normal Ball Python are completely erased and replaced with one long row of thin blotches. These go on to form an almost continuous stripe on the posterior third of the body.

On the flanks, some spots may be present, or they may simply be pattern-less. Overall, the whole colouration is a light brown “champagne” colour. The ventral scales are white and without markings.

In most animals, the head is a touch lighter, and the lips are white.

Does the Champagne Ball Python have genetic issues?

Some Champagne Ball Pythons have been found to have neurological issues not unlike those of the Spider morph. Admittedly, these issues are often grossly exaggerated by those that wish to ban the keeping of exotic animals.

What is certain, however, is that homozygous, or Super Champagnes are not viable – they die shortly after hatching. The same can be said for Spider Champagne Ball Pythons.

Breeding tips

As you can tell from the section above, breeding Champagne x Champagne or Champagne x Spider is pointless and should be avoided.

Asides from this issue, the Champagne Ball Python is a stunning morph, and quite unusual in its own right.

Nonetheless, if you want to use it for a breeding project, I recommend using strong dominant genes like Leopard or Enchi to bring in some patterning, alongside Orange Dream or Pastel to brighten the combo. Or, if you want the same effect, but on the darker side, try using Black Pastel, Blackhead or Cinnamon.

Finally, if recessive genes are your thing, the Champagne Piebald Ball Python is probably one of the best combinations this gene could be involved in.

Let’s check out some examples…

Champagne Ball Python Summary

First Produced by:Eb Noah, 2005
Morph type:Incomplete dominant
Genetic issues:Possible head wobble, not viable in homozygous (super) form
Goes well with:Piebald, dominant/incomplete dominant genes with strong effect on pattern such as Leopard or Enchi

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