Coral Glow Ball Python

The Coral Glow Ball Python is an awesome morph. Who wouldn’t love a mutation that creates incredibly bright, striking colours? Produced by NERD, in 2002, the Coral Glow gene does all that and more.

Morph type

Coral Glow Ball Pythons are a single gene, incomplete dominant morph. This means that breeding two together can create a super form, known as Super Coral Glow.


Coral Glow Ball Python

As hatchlings, Coral Glows have amazing, bright yellow blotches on a light lavender background. At first sight, you would be forgiven for assuming they are a type of albino. And just like in albinos, their pattern tends to be the same as that of normal Ball Pythons.

This colouration isn’t permanent, however, as Coral Glows undergo what is known as ontogenetic colour change. Ontogenetic colour change is basically a change in colour that occurs as an animal reaches maturity.

In Coral Glow Ball Pythons, this shift is quite dramatic. Over time, the yellow and lavender areas get darker and more intense, and black speckles appear all over the snake. As a result, Coral Glow is one the few morphs that can be said to be as spectacular at maturity as it is as a hatchling.

Does the Coral Glow Ball Python have genetic issues?

Coral Glow Ball Pythons do not have genetic health issues. That said, the gene is sex-linked, and crosses over from male to female on a regular basis.

Some Coral Glows produce mostly males and are known as male makeers, whilst others produce mainly females and are known as female makers. 

Breeding tips

In all honesty, the Coral Glow is spectacular, and affordable, in its single-gene form. This is what has driven its popularity. It also tends to wash out or completely mask most other dominant genes.

Nonetheless, combining Coral Glow with dark dominant/incomplete dominant genes can still make very striking multi-gene morphs. Leopard, Black Pastel and Cinnamon can all be used to add contrast and colour intensity to Coral Glow.

When it comes to recessive gene combos, Coral Glow goes extremely well with Piebald and Clown.

Let’s check out some examples…

Coral Glow Ball Python Summary

First produced by:NERD, 2002
Morph type: Incomplete dominant
Genetic issues:Sex-linked, but no impact on health
Goes well with:Dark dominant/incomplete dominant genes, Clown, Piebald

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