Firefly Ball Python

When Pastel just isn’t bright enough for you, add in the Fire gene and make a Firefly Ball Python! This designer morph has been around since around 2005, but it is a classic.

Morph type

The Firefly Ball Python is a combination of two incomplete dominant genes, Pastel and Fire. Both genes are visually expressed, and this is known as co-dominance.


Firefly Ball Python

As you’d expect with a combo containing Pastel, Firefly Ball Pythons have very bright yellow blotches on an almost black background. Because both genes are so bright, there are also patches of light grey blushing in amongst the black areas.

In particularly good examples, the head is exceptionally light on top and almost grey in the middle. This is especially true in hatchlings.

Again, thanks to the Pastel gene, the patterning on top of the dorsum is more jumbled up and disrupted than in normal Ball Pythons.

On the flanks, the pattern changes slightly – this is where the Fire gene comes into play. In effect, nearing the belly, the yellow blotches become distorted and almost flame-like, hence the name.

As you’d expect, this morph does darken with age, but being as bright as it is, you can still expect and older Firefly to be a very attractive animal.

Does the Firefly Ball Python have genetic issues?

As far as we can tell, the Firefly Ball Python has no genetic issues whatsoever. This morph eats, sheds, and breeds healthily.

Breeding tips

It is extremely easy to make exceptional dominant gene combinations using Firefly. For example, if you breed it to a Pinstripe, you can make Dragonfly Ball Pythons. Or, if you want to make something even brighter, you can combine it with Vanilla and make Vanilla Scream Ball Pythons. These are both beautiful morphs, and just two combinations out of hundreds to choose from.

As far as recessive genes go, Firefly works best with Axanthic or Axanthic and Pied, though Firefly Clowns are also popular.

Let’s check out some examples…

Firefly Ball Python Summary

First produced by:?, 2005 or 2006
Morph type:two gene co-dominant
Genetic issues:none
Goes well with:Pinstripe, Vanilla, Axanthic, Pied

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