Pastel Ball Python

Literally the first incomplete dominant Ball Python morph, the Pastel has been around since 1997, when NERD first produced it. Though it’s nothing new, the Pastel Ball Python is something of an essential for many combos.

Morph type

The Pastel Ball Python is a single gene incomplete dominant morph. Breed two together and you can get a Super Pastel, which is the homozygous form of the morph.


Pastel Ball Python

Take everything you love about normal Ball Pythons, make it brighter and more interesting – and what you have is a Pastel.

The dorsal patterning is jumbled up and busier, while the belly pattern is brighter and reduced. Overall, the colouration is much brighter than normal, and this is what has made Pastel so popular.

Nice examples of Pastel Ball Pythons have almost yellow blotches on their dorsum and flanks, along with grey areas of blushing in amongst their black background colour.

Though these features are common to several morphs, tell-tale characteristics of Pastel are green eyes in hatchlings and white lips.

Many Pastels do grow darker as they age, with some even taking on a muddy appearance. If you want to choose one that will stay bright, I recommend asking to see photos of the parent snakes for reference.

Does the Pastel Ball Python have genetic issues?

As far as we can tell, the Pastel morph has no genetic issues, and only affects the snake’s appearance. 

Breeding tips

The Pastel’s main function is to brighten up combinations, and that is what you should use it for. It’s been around for a long time and found it’s way into literally every major breeder’s collection. Everyone knows, for example, that Pastel makes super popular morphs like Clown and Pied even better.

That said, we’re still finding surprising effects when adding Pastel to new morphs. The Highway morph (Yellow Belly and Gravel), for example, is stunning – but add in Pastel and it is on a whole other level!

Let’s check out some examples…

Pastel Ball Python Summary

First produced by:NERD, 1997
Morph type: Incomplete dominant
Genetic issues:None
Goes well with:All recessive genes, Highways and Freeways

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