Meet the team is not your average ‘pet site’. It has as its aim to break down the barriers between scientific and hobbyist reptile keeping. We all know that herpetologists like myself are great at mind-blowingly boring subjects, such as the analysis of biological data. In terms of husbandry we always lag behind hobbyist reptile keepers, though.

There’s no point denying it – it’s the truth. Every time scientists celebrate breeding a species of reptile for the first time in captivity, someone in Florida or the UK surfaces online who has already done it in their spare room!

On the other hand, us scientists are great at keeping up to date with the latest information on the classification of species, the identification of new diseases, and dispelling deep-rooted myths that hurt the hobby.

As such, I try to include first-hand experience from hobbyists alongside my own experience to bring you an all-round common sense approach to keeping reptiles.

That is why I rely on the help and advice from a team of individuals who are always ready to contribute with anything from photos and written articles, to tales of their experiences with lesser known species.

Will Bruce

William Bruce, owner of

I started keeping reptiles at the age of 9 while growing up in Indiana. I got my first Garter Snake, then quicky moved on to Ball Pythons, and almost every other species of reptile you can see on this site. So far, I’ve racked up over 25 years of experience.

Along the way, I’ve also studied a variety of subjects in the UK and France, from human biology to wildlife disease and genetics. I picked up a few diplomas along the way, including a BSc Zoology from one of the UK’s top universities.

That said, I’d much rather you consider me a hobbyist reptile keeper than a herpetologist. These days there are a lot more herpetologists wanting to ban the hobby than promote it.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, head over to the Who am I? page, or go to Contact to get in touch. You can also check out my LinkedIn.

Anyway, enough about me! Let’s meet the rest of the team…

Brock Yates

Brock Yates profile photo

Brock Yates is the mastermind behind, which is the largest online resource for turtle and tortoise information. You can literally find several hundred care sheets and species profiles on there. In fact, it’s hard to think of a turtle that hasn’t made an appearance!

Another Indiana boy, Brock has backed me all the way, giving helpful technical advice for this site and featuring some of my written work on All Turtles.

Brock Yates on LinkedIn.

D & Jo’s Ball Pythons

D & Jo's Ball Pythons profile photo

Darren and Jo are a husband and wife team of Ball Python breeders based in the UK. They also happen to be the first UK Ball Python breeders to have won the Reptile Report Awards for Ball Python Personality of the year, and the only breeders backed by the RSPCA.

When I get stuck with a question about Ball Pythons, I send them a message and ask for help. They have provided both videos and photos to help with articles, such as the piece we did on the Volta Ball Python.

To see their available stock and gallery, head over to

D & Jo’s Ball Pythons on Facebook.

Frank Cuzzolina of Geeky Gecko Creations

Frank Cuzzolina Geeky Gecko Creations profile photo

Frank Cuzzolina is an Arizona-based reptile breeder who has two things in abundance: Leopard Geckos and enthusiasm!

All Leopard Gecko articles on this site were either written by Frank, or written using information provided by him. If you’d like to learn more about his breeding projects, head over to the Geeky Gecko Creations Youtube channel.

Geeky Gecko Creations on Facebook.

Mackenzie May

Mackenzie May profile photo

Mackenzie is a friend and former breeder who provides incisive advice on breeding Ball Pythons. Any time I’m building a rack, thinking about what snakes to pair, or what projects to invest in, I send Mackenzie a message.

It’s advice like this – from actual reptile keepers – that sets this site apart from the rest. There’s no replacing real life experience!

Mackenzie May on Facebook.

Other contributors

Some readers have provided help with photos and information for just a single article, and although they don’t contribute on a regular basis they have been a huge help.

They include: Scarlett Nightshade of Creatures of Nightshade, Beth Hope of Hope’s Hoggies, Troy Clements, Mark Harris, Michael’s Herping, The Collett Trust for Endangered Species, Josh Butterworth, Rattlesnacks, Upscaled Reptiles, Fisher Reptiles.