Boas are the in the family Boidae, and comprise a diverse group of constrictors. They range from tiny fossorial species to the giant anacondas.

Are Boa Constrictors good pets?

Boa Constrictor Care Sheet

The Boa Constrictor has been re-classified as three separate species, but most common in captivity are the Common Boa (Boa imperator) and the Red Tail Boa (Boa constrictor). In this Boa Constrictor care sheet we’ll look at how to keep both of them happy and healthy.

Rosy Boa Care Sheet

This Rosy Boa Care Sheet is the first in my Popular Pet Reptiles series, and it’s no coincidence that I’ve chosen to focus on them. The species (well, technically two now) was one of my favourite childhood pets. Keep reading to find out why!